hello there


My name is Kailyn, I’m a people photographer, and I love telling stories.

That’s why I fell in love with the art of photography in the first place. Because a photograph, in essence, tells a story. And I’ve always been captivated by a good story. Stories fascinate us, move us, strike our hearts with wonder. Our very bones are made up of stories. And what an incredible honor and privilege it is, to tell your story. To share the way I see through these eyes given to me. Photography is a way to process life. To understand it. To cherish it. To experience it, richer and deeper and fuller.

So what makes a good story? To me, it’s all about grace. It always comes back to grace. It’s about beauty, not just the surface level stuff. It's about the deep, aching, life-stirring beauty deep in your soul. I want to show you what I see how beautiful you truly are.

I love Jesus more than life. I’m an ENFP who is obsessed with sunsets and making friends. I cherish crisp autumn evenings by the fire with a cup of tea and a good book, yet I come alive in the midst of a large gathering of people I love, experiencing and creating community together over food, over conversation, over the tangible warmth of togetherness. I’m a wanderer at heart, and I dream of traveling the world ten times over. Ice cream is my weakness, and sometimes (most times) I laugh too loud. Adventures are my favorite, and if you go exploring with me it’s nearly certain that we’re going to be best friends.

I believe a photograph can capture the passion of a moment, the sweetness of a memory. It’s immortal, treasuring a special fragment of time. I’m all about real, genuine, honest photography. I want to go beyond the obvious & catch the details — the way your eyes light up with that extra sparkle when you look at the person you love, the way you smile and your dimples deepen when you blush, the way you throw your head back when you laugh, the way a tear trickles down your cheek right before you say in a shaking voice, “I do.”

I want to tell your story. Will you let me?

“you don’t make a photograph with just a camera, you bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” – ansel adams